No, our products should not be frozen under any circumstance.

You can find our products at your local grocers.

We currently do not have an online store. Please visit a grocer near you.

Our products are made locally in Canada.

Whenever a product contains an allergen, it is clearly identified on the ingredient list as per legal labeling requirements.

In order to keep our product fresh, we may require the use of preservatives either from a natural or artificial source. These essential ingredients meet the Safe Food for Canadians Regulation.

We do not guarantee the length of time that our product can be consumed after opening as there are too many variables outside of our control (temperature of product left open, time of the product left open…)

We do not recommend eating our products after the date on the package.

We currently do not use this claim. 

Shelf life varies from product to product. 

The shelf life on the packaging guarantees that the product meets the same sensory criteria range at the end of the date applied vs. the day it was manufactured. 



No, we recommend using a microwave or oven safe dish.

Microwave (1200W): Measure 1/2 cup into a microwave safe dish, cover and heat for 1 minute.

*Varies with individual microwave*

Oven: Preheat oven to 350°F.  Measure 1/2 cup and spread evenly into oven safe dish, bake for 15-25 minutes until desired temperature.


We use a variety of plastics, cardboard, and paperboard.  We do our best to source packaging that is recyclable, the final recyclability is based on each municipality’s programs.  Please refer to your municipality’s recycling program if our packaging can be processed.

The best before date is located on the product (either on the top or the side)

None of the food contact packaging we use contains BPA. BPA is listed on any packaging that does contain it.(Look for a 3-sided triangular arrow with a number 7 in the center.)


You can find information about jobs we have available here.

We have kitchens strategically placed around the country. Our head office is located in Burlington, ON. You can find out more at

No, we currently do not have coupons available. Please check back. 

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